About Phundex

Phundex – re-imagining transactions, process and data management in a digital pathway for stakeholders across the investment lifecycle.


The Platform

We’ve created a central collaboration platform where you can manage transactions and activities in real time with your whole team, whether they work in your organisation or are external stakeholders.

Phundex’s proprietary pathway approach ensures streamlined, more secure data flows between all of the parties, taking out inefficiencies of time and data quality,  and reducing mistakes. This helps you to significantly reduce the cost of creating, managing and administering transactions and processes.

Phundex also helps you to manage key business risks in real time, aligning controls to processes, creating an efficient way to manage and monitor your key risk controls.

The Current Problem

Current processes to assemble and manage complex financial transactions are inefficient and costly, giving rise to considerable inherent operational risks. Ensuring data integrity, effective communication, and getting the mundane tasks of administration and reporting right amongst internal and external stakeholders are all common pain points.

Increased Operational Risks

Lack of streamlined processes and coordination lead to increased operational risk.


Data and documents are not stored in a central location accessible by all shareholders.

Inefficient Processes

Highly manual processes using multiple tools are inefficient and slow down the route to market.

Time Consuming

Coordination across the multiple stakeholders required to develop and administer investments is time-consuming.

Un-aligned Controls

Controls to manage key risks not directly aligned to processes; detailed procedures manuals not aligned to key controls and daily processes, leading to manual work to document controls against procedures.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to reduce the time and cost as well as the operational risks within the end-to-end investment process, through digital pathways that enhance collaboration.

Our Mission is to create an integrated ecosystem, in collaboration with the industry, for digital origination and administration across the ecosystem.

The Phundex Solution

Phundex streamlines and simplifies transactions and processes in a central platform to improve efficiency, reduce operational risk and enable real-time collaboration across all stakeholders.

Customers’ use fully customisable transaction pathways to structure their transaction and process management and administration. These pathways are linked to a single source of data and documents which are captured as required for customer processes and controls, simplifying data gathering and analysis for reporting.

User permissions ensure each stakeholder has access to only the information they need, when they need it, leading to improved due diligence and information governan

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