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Transaction & Process Management, re-imagined…


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Transaction and Process Pathways

Whether you are managing processes or transactions, our template pathways offer suggestions as a starting point for you, but are customizable to meet your requirements.

Task Management

View the stages of each process or transaction, create and edit tasks and subtasks and easily toggle certain tasks on or off depending on requirements.  

Team Management

Assign team members appropriate for each task or stage meaning no time is wasted and only the right people are assigned the correct responsibilities.

Centralised Document Storage

Templates and documents can be stored in related data rooms for easier coordination. You define user access and permissions to ensure access is granted to the right information required when needed.

Personalised Dashboard

Each user sees their own status dashboards giving increased visibility and more meaningful status reporting. See at a glance your overall transaction completion status, including outstanding tasks and due dates as well information about related data rooms, or on the progress on specific tasks assigned to your team.

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