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Happy holidays from Phundex. See you in 2022
Phundex adopt OneNDA.
Phundex is pleased to announce it has partnered with SeedLegals.
Phundex Streamlines investment management
Phundex launches its a cutting-edge investment lifecycle management platform
Phundex Partners with The SaaSy People for excellent customer service
Phundex taking part in Digital Adoption Mindset.
Phundex presented at Digital Jersey’s Project Springboard launch
Phundex is delighted to announced our partnership with DB Results, a global technology firm headquartered in Melbourne, Australia
Jersey Heard podcast discussing how technology is an enabler for investment and financial servicers clients.
We were delighted to sponsor this panel discussion at the recent World Healthcare Festival, discussing how translational health covers the innovation journey from concept to reality.
Our innovation partner, Health Edge Innovations, spoke to the healthcare world journal recently about translational research and the University of Toronto Master’s Degree Transactional Research Program.
While the focus of this article is on health, Phundex can be used to streamline and standardise any transaction or process across the investment lifecycle.