Save time and money with process and transaction management for Other Business Users

Coordinating transaction management and due diligence across all of your clients and stakeholders.

Perfect for: Business Managers, Brokers, Quality Assurance Reviewers, Event Management

Standardised and streamlined processes

Clear processes with specific task and document requirements defined make it easy for users to follow and reduces bottlenecks.

Faster administration and status reporting

Data and documents captured at each step of the process, reducing operational risk and ensuring information is available when required.

Improved Coordination across stakeholders

Real-time collaboration across all stakeholders in a central hub eliminates missed or crossed emails and provides a central tracking area to monitor progress.

Key Features for Other Business Users

Fully customisable pathways

Select from one of our Phundex Pathway Templates  or build one of your own. You can add or remove tasks, attach document and data requirements, and assign tasks and due dates to team members. Templates and documents are stored in related data room for easier coordination. You define user access and permissions to ensure access is granted to the right information required when needed.

Create a single event, transaction or process Pathway or one you can reuse repeatedly to avoid missing steps or duplicating effort needlessly

User-specific, interactive dashboards

Each user sees their own status dashboards giving increased visibility and more meaningful status reporting. See at a glance your overall task completion status, including outstanding tasks and due dates as well information about related data rooms, or on the progress on specific tasks assigned to your team.

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