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Enterprise Risk Management –  how we help  

At Phundex, we believe in good governance and risk management.  We also believe in making work streamlined and simple.  We want to allow you to focus on client-facing activities while being confident that you are meeting all of your management and regulatory requirements.    

We’ve spent a lot of time working in multi-national financial institutions, managing risks on a global level.  We’ve also helped smaller and non-regulated businesses to set up robust business risk management processes, having used them in our own businesses.  While many of these organizations have tools for certain aspects of risk management, what we found was that in many organizations, there was a lack of transparency and clarity within the organisation about their risk management framework and procedures. 

 The impact of Covid over the past 2 years has really brought home to need for a robust Enterprise Risk Management Framework to help management deal with expected, and unexpected, risks.  Having a central place with your overall Risk Management Framework means that your teams know where to go for information on how to manage risks and how to escalate when necessary.  

Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage your risks and enterprise risk framework transparently and easily?  You can – thanks to https://phundex.com/ 

We’ve created a Business risk Management Pathway to get you starting.  It includes Stages and Tasks to set out the ERM Framework, manage the overall process, and a checklist of items to include in your ERM process.  Best of all, it is fully configurable, so you can tailor it to your exact needs, in a transparent, auditable way. 

Now when thinking about your risk management processes, you’ll have confidence in their robust control via the Phundex platform.  

Phundex. Putting the G in ESG.  Saving time while enhancing governance.  Join us! 

For a more detailed look at the Phundex Enterprise Risk Management Pathway Template, please join the Phundex Group on LinkedIn – we will be sharing details there on each of our Pathway Templates over the coming weeks.  

You may also be interested in our Chief Risk Officer’s Enterprise Risk Management paper 

ERM-Article-March-2022.pdf (phundex.com)

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