Managing Regulatory Liaison – How Phundex can help.

Having worked with clients over the years working with multiple Regulators, we know it can sometimes be challenging to coordinate meetings and submissions to regulators across our organisation.

Phundex Pathway Templates – Regulatory Meeting Preparation

We’ve worked for and with Regulators in many countries over the years.  We’ve also worked with clients to manage regulatory submissions and to develop an efficient way to manage their regulatory liaison process.  While speaking with one of our clients recently, they said they were juggling multiple discussions with their Regulators, and we decided to build a Phundex Pathway Template to help streamline the process.

There are various interactions you may have with your Regulator(s).  It may be that your business is the subject of a thematic review by a local Regulator.  In this case, Regulators focus on a particular topic and ask for submissions from all regulated entities involved in that topic simultaneously.  By setting up the review in this way, they can assess whether the impact or the performance and best practice processes are the same across the regulated industry under the same circumstances.  The findings from a thematic review apply to the entire group of firms in the review.  While they are not directed at specific firms, they typically provide information about best practices and areas where firms are not meeting the requirements.  These outcomes can be beneficial in assessing where your business sits on the continuum of compliance.

You may also be managing regular Regulatory visits (often referred to as “close and continuous” meetings).  In this case, the discussions and outcomes relate specifically to your organisation and how you are meeting your regulatory requirements.  Any findings arising from the meeting will relate to your business specifically and may indicate specific changes you need to make.  You may have specific topics to cover in certain quarters of the year or regular monthly filings that need to be made.

Finally, you may be doing a discrete exercise requested by your Regulator, such as a stress test, where other organisations do the same activity simultaneously, but your results will be vetted and responded to individually.

Having worked with clients over the years working with multiple Regulators, we know it can sometimes be challenging to coordinate meetings and submissions across our organisation.  That can be even more difficult when we are dealing with numerous Regulators.

The key to successful regulatory meetings is planning and preparing for the unexpected.  Having a structured process for preparing for Regulatory Meetings, no matter what type,  makes it much easier to ensure you have all of the information required for the meeting and the right people to answer questions on the day.  It also provides that you are closing out any follow-up points from prior discussions and can track any outstanding issues when they are due.

Our Pathway Template takes you through the various steps to gather the materials for the meeting, including Meeting Agenda and Minutes templates, a checklist of items to include in regulatory submission packs,  and an Executive Summary Template to provide a standardised summary for all documents.

The Pathway also guides you through the meeting preparation process, including who will be at the meeting and what topics they will cover.  It also covers the post-meeting methods to ensure you complete and submit any material required on time to the Regulator.

Once you’ve tailored the Regulatory Meeting Pathway to meet your requirements, you can set it as one of “My templates” and replicate it for every Regulatory meeting, providing transparency, a standardised process, and a clear governance structure.

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