Phundex and kompany partner

Phundex is delighted to share with you the news of our partnership with kompany, a global network providing real-time access to primary source Business KYC (KYB) data from more that 200 jurisdictions covering over 115 million companies.

At Phundex, we want to make things streamlined and simple, so we have selected kompany to provide basic company information onto the Phundex platform as you request it.  While not providing full AML/KYC capability, it will allow you to gather identifier information for companies and clients on the platform.

Kompany is a leading RegTech platform for global business verification and KYB and we are pleased to have partnered with them.  The api connectivity is seamless and will be included as a standard feature when we launch Phundex in September.

kompany partners with Phundex to supercharge their investment platform

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