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You’ve got an idea for a new start-up, or are already working on it, but there are so many different things to think about and keep track of.  How can you make the process easier, and get some guidance on the various things you need to cover to get ready to launch or raise funding?

Here’s how Phundex can help

If you are working with an accelerator or incubator, you may already be using Phundex through our Innovation Management Pathway.  But what about start-ups that aren’t working through an incubator?  An early-stage start-up can use our Start-up Initial business build Pathway Template.  This Pathway takes you through all the steps to validate your concept by analysing product-market fit, the competition (and regulatory landscape where applicable), and creating a series of growth metrics to assess your progress.  It will also help you build a business plan and provide a series of templates for things like cap table, business plan headings, growth metrics and a key information document for investors.  The Pathway guides you through various issues to consider including management structure, funding options, financial projections, and legal and governance matters.

You can even invite mentors and advisors to work on tasks or review documents via the Phundex Platform, keeping all comments and information in a single place. No need to check your email trails, Slack messages, or WhatsApp groups.

Once you have worked through the Stages for developing your business plan and financial projects using the Start-up Pathway, you will have a robust governance and legal framework, marketing and growth metrics plan, and key financials and business plan for future funding requirements, as well as the base for a due diligence room when you get to your funding stage

Ready for funding?   Use our Start-up New Equity Raise Pathway.  You will have likely completed most of the activities above and are now focusing on an equity raise.  Our New Equity Raise Pathway guides you to complete a Key Investor Due Diligence (KIDD) form, gathering all relevant information required for potential investors.  Templates in the Pathway include a sample KIDD and pitch deck.  The data room holds all this information and can become the due diligence room for any potential investors.

Running a start-up can be challenging.  Take advantage of our experience at Phundex to help streamline and track next steps in a cohesive and transparent way.

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