Phundex Latest Release Notes – October 2022

We set out in detail the additional functionality being released today on the Phundex Platform 

Platform Enhancements 

Sharing a document link – you can now share a “Published” document with any of your contacts.  Documents in the data room now have a “share” option.  Simply select Share, enter the name and email address of the person you want to send the document to and hit the share button.   Our audit trail functionality tracks which documents have been shared, with whom, and when they’ve been accessed. 

Temporary users– in addition to your usual subscription plan, you can now add individual temporary user licenses on a monthly or annual basis.  .  This allows you to add Team Members for short-term transactions, or on a rolling access basis, helping you keep costs down while enjoying the collaboration benefits of the central hub and workflow. 

Changing User access – in addition to adding new Temporary users, you can modify existing users to Temporary users and back again.  You can also activate and deactivate any users’ access to your Network, giving you complete control over who and how users access your Network and Pathways. 


Copying Tasks with completed documents and forms – you can copy Tasks with data and documents to other Stages and Pathway – but now you can decide if you want to copy the original blank forms and documents or the completed ones.  We alert you so you don’t unintendedly copy completed data that shouldn’t be shared. 

 Recurring Tasks – you can now create tasks periodically.  Phundex will automatically email your Team Members to remind them the Task is due on the frequency you choose, whether monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. 

 Changing completed Tasks – Managers and Admins can now move a completed Task status back to the “to-do” status, edit and reassign it.  Previously only the Team Member who was assigned the Task could uncheck the completed box and do more work on the Task. 

Minor user experience enhancements 

 Guest Tasks – when you send a Guest a Task, and they save it, the Task will now automatically be marked as complete.  This triggers an email alert for any Tasks that are dependent on that Task completion to the next Team Member. 

Pathway filtering – the default view for your Pathways is now active Pathways.  You can still filter and search for inactive Pathways, but like Stages and Tasks, you won’t see them as a default. 

Retaining documents and data forms when you change a Task – if you create a Task with a document or data form and later decide to remove the form or document, the system will now retain the document in the data room, so it is still available for use. 

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