Phundex Product Release Notes April 2024

Phundex is pleased to announce its second release for 2024, delivering functionality requested by clients over the past few months. Heather-Anne Hubbell, CEO of Phundex, explained that “we have continued to enhance functionality and updates to prior releases to meet customer requests and are delighted to be able to meet those requests regularly.”

Here’s the additional functionality newly released on the Phundex Platform.

Platform Enhancements 

Team Members editing Task 

Adding documents or forms to the Data Room and Task Forms – we have added the ability to drag and drop documents in addition to the existing upload functionality.

Extracting Pathway details – as a Manager you can now download an extract of each of your Pathways as an excel spreadsheet.  Simply click on the “extract” button on the desired Pathway Dashboard. Details include Pathway Name, Stage Names, Task List and name of Task Form or document associated with the Task.

Updated Phundex Predefined Forms

Basic Company Information and Company Marketing Information – we have added enhanced the functionality of these Phundex Form.

When you set up one of these forms for the first time, you will have the choice to add details for a new Company or to select from an existing list of company related forms.  If you create a new form, it will be saved on Phundex, allowing you to access it for other Pathways and Tasks without duplication.  Once you have completed one or more of these forms, the next time you select this form, you will be able to choose from a dropdown menu of existing forms or create a new Company form. This functionality has been added to all Phundex Predefined Forms as part of this release.

New Phundex Predefined Forms

Company Appointments Form – We have created this form to allowing you to add details for appointments to the company, be it officers, directors, management team, etc. With the click of a button, you can add new appointment details for any company.  You can choose to create details of all appointments for a particular company, or to create an appointment form for all appointments for a particular person.

Company Contact Form – This new Phundex Form allows you to collect all details of company contacts for a particular company.  Add telephone, address and email details for anyone you need to reach as part of a process or transaction.

Company Address Form – This new Phundex Form allows you to detail all addresses for a particular company, allowing you to track head office, trading locations and branches etc. As previously noted, all Phundex Predefined Forms now offer the choice of creating new details or accessing previously completed details, without duplication. 

Task Notifications In our previous release we added functionality for you to view notifications of certain events from your Home Dashboard.  We also provided the ability to request email notifications for various activities on the platform including selecting whether you want to receive email notifications of new assigned Tasks when assigned, or a combined daily email notification. For Managers, we offered the option of a daily email to be notified of Task Completion, Task amendment and Task comments. You now have the option to select which notifications you want to receive and when you want to receive them.

Phundex Pathway Enhancements- Recent Updates 

We have now added additional Phundex Pathways including:

· Due Diligence Process;

· Jersey Private Fund Setup;

· OneDPA – a data processing agreement created by the team behind oneNDA; which    will include detailed instructions on how to complete the documents

· OneNDA updated to include revised oneNDA templates and M&A versions;

· Business Risk Assessment Process – hot off the press!

HelpDesk and FAQ’s Enhancements

The Phundex Platform includes an online HelpDesk with handy tips, videos, FAQ’s and details about each of our Pathways.  The HelpDesk also has all resource material from our website and a chat feature to request more bespoke information or ask about additional features.  We’ve added information about each of the enhancements above and some general suggestions on how to organize the way you work using our Pathways.

Our HelpDesk includes general articles about helpful topics, how to use Phundex for certain types of processes and transactions, and our e-books.  We’ve recently updated our HelpDesk material, tagging our articles and e-books by industry so you can type in your industry type, and we’ll give you a list of Pathways, articles and e-books you might find particularly relevant.

Our Support Team is standing by if you have additional questions, want to ask how to do something, or have suggestions on additional support information you’d like to see.

Based on customer requests, we’ve already started prioritizing additional enhancements for the rest of this year.  Want some functionality you don’t see here?  Contact us and let us know what you’d like to see.

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