PHUNDEX User guide-e-signing with eversign

At Phundex we know its important for you to understand what you can do on the platform.

We created this user guide for anyone who wants to send documents out of the Phundex platform for e-signature using your own Ever-Sign account.

Don’t have an Ever-sign account? you can use the link to create a new account with Ever-Sign, or we have included links to the Docu-Sign and Hello-Sign websites where you can use your own accounts to send out documents for signature. We will be adding more functionality in the future so let us know which e-signature platforms you use so we can update the platform in the coming releases.

We’ve also included this user manual on the Phundex platform HelpDesk, so you will always be able to find it – or you can download it to your computer and keep it handy for easy reference.

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