Phundex User guide

At Phundex, we know it’s important for you to understand what you can do on Phundex.  This user guide sets out the various roles on our platform as well as what you can do on Phundex in each role.

Administrators (Admin) are the people who manage your Subscription Plan and the Network of internal and external users who are permitted to access your Pathways (transactions and processes).  Helpfully, they also are able to do all of the things that Managers and Team Members can do.  Admins can activate and deactivate Network members and Team Members, allowing instant updates with a simple toggle button;

Managers are responsible for setting up and managing transactions and processes by building Pathways.  They invite internal and external contacts within the Network to become Team members in specific Pathways to work on Tasks in those Pathways.  They can also perform all of the actions that Team Members can do; and

Team Members may be internal or external stakeholders, as long as they are part of the approved Network of users. Team Members have permission to join Pathways including performing Tasks on the platform, or simply viewing published documents.

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