Pursuing Your Passions by Heather-Anne Hubbell

Our CEO Heather-Anne Hubbell recently spoke with Andrew Masson, an IPilogue Writer and 2LJD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School, about taking risks and not being afraid to face new challenges from a place of experience.  She said the day she decided to stop practicing law was tough, but she knew the skills she had learned as a lawyer would stay with her for life.

Heather-Anne shares her experiences as a Barrister & Solicitor in Canada and the United Kingdom and as a banker, risk and regulatory consultant guiding digital transformations for global financial services firms.  She talks about looking for new opportunities, not just the traditional ones, and choosing things that provide new areas for professional growth.

Having managed transactions for large organisations, Heather-Anne found that no matter how many great tools you have, most organisations resort to email and excel spreadsheets to coordinate internal and client processes.  She has leveraged her experience in financial services to create Phundex, a centralised collaboration hub with digital pathways to manage processes and transactions more efficiently.  With Phundex, you can invite internal and external team members to work on transactions with a central data room, check authorized signatures and corporate details, and send documents out for signature, all in one place.

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Pursuing Your Passions with Heather-Anne Hubbell – IP Osgoode

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