Seasons Greetings

It’s been a difficult 10 days in Jersey, with the loss of three fishermen when their boat capsized after hitting a freight ship, 9 people when their apartment building exploded and a man when his apartment caught fire.  That is a big deal in Jersey, and with a population of only 103,000, everyone knows someone who has been affected.  Thankfully the community have drawn together to make sure those families have a place to stay and know that people care, despite the tragedies.

Across the world this year, we’ve watched the war in Ukraine and admired the Ukrainian people’s courage, defiance, resilience and passion for their country.  We’ve admired the support from around the world for the war effort and for the families who’ve left for other countries.  Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people, no matter where they are,  in what will be a difficult holiday season for them.

As this year draws to a close, no matter what holidays you celebrate, think about those among us who have lost loved ones.  Hold your family close, spend time with your friends, and remember what life is really about.  Remember those in countries where strife is the current state of affairs, and think about how you can make a difference.

From our global team at Phundex, we wish you good health and prosperity during the holiday season and for 2023.

Bouan Noue | Bonne Noel | Merry Christmas

Bounne Annee | Bonne Annee | Happy New Year

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