Here you will find use cases, user guides, a glossary of Phundex terms,  and other resources to help you daily.

Adopting innovative technology – Digital ID Systems
Phundex take on RegTech – a look at the recent RegTech Associates Report on RegTech in Jersey: closing the gap between ambition and reality
Managing Regulatory Relationships – Regulatory Meetings. Using a standardised approach to regulatory meetings ensures success outcomes
Focusing The Internal Audit Function on Value Creation.
Every successful audit is based on sound planning and an atmosphere of constructive involvement and communication between the client and the audit team.
A regulatory liaison or regulatory affairs role has developed in many organisations. Having a structured process for Regulatory Relations makes it much easier an effective regulatory relationship.
Managing Operational Risk-see our e-book on operational risk and how to manage it.
At Phundex, we know that having a structured process for preparing for Regulatory Meetings makes it much easier to ensure you have all of the information required.
Phundex can help improve overall governance efficiently and effectively. 
Part 2 of our three-part governance series focuses on what Directors need to be thinking about two years into the pandemic.
This is the first in a three-part series of governance article. In this series we’ll discuss easily implemented steps to enhance governance and improve strategic decision making.
At Phundex, we know that strong finance processes are key to any organization success.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage your Month End process efficiently and easily?
Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage your Investment Committee Meeting and Preparation process easily?
Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage your risks and enterprise risk framework transparently and easily?
Enterprise Risk Management – see our e-book for a full explanation of enterprise risk management for business
Phundex Board Meeting Preparation Pathway Template information
Phundex Users and Use Cases- Family offices
We’ve made authorised signatory verification easier on the Phundex Platform
a summary of the activities that Adminstrators are permitted to do on the Phundex platform
the Phundex Manual to having documents signed using the Ever-sign e-signature platform, or links to other e-signature options
The Phundex guide to what users can do on our platform
Helpful tips on the platform to make your experience easier- and we’ve included them all here in one place so they are easy to find. (November 2021)
The IoD aims to provide a simple route map that will enable any employer, whatever its size and industry and wherever they are on their ‘D&I journey’, to make real progress in diversity and inclusion.
Inclusive language used by Phundex
Our approach to diversity and inclusivity
Phundex is a digital platform to streamline transactions, data and documents centrally to improve efficiency and speed to market, reduce operational risk and enable real-time collaboration.
Here’s our guide to Phundex-speak (key terms you’ll find handy) as of May 2022