Ace Your Due Diligence

Juggling diligence for deals, clients and partnerships in financial services feels like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. Enough is enough – it’s time to level up your process with a winning strategy.

We’ve all been there – a hot new investment prospect surfaces and you’re rushing to complete the files. You want to onboard a new client and need to sort out the internal processes to complete that onboarding. But how well are you truly able to understand risks at warp speed? Standardization scores your quality intel faster.

Custom templates capture essentials like financial statements and contracts consistently. No more chasing down missing pieces of the puzzle.

A streamlined playbook means new hires can swing into action immediately. No time lost reinventing how diligence is done – just flip open the manual.

Multiple imminent deals? No problem. Finish one diligence and you’ve knocked them all out with minor tweaks. Comparing options becomes a breeze.

Here are some examples of how standardizing the due diligence process, no matter what you need it for, can lead to increased visibility and quicker business decisions:

  • Centralized documentation and data collection provides leadership with clear performance metrics. Easy to track key indicators like average time to complete diligence, issues flagged, success rate of past deals.
  • Consistency in approach means different reviewers are capturing the same critical information, like ownership structure, financial health, permitting status. Makes it simpler to compare options objectively.
  • TEMPLATIZED data input streamlines record keeping and reporting. Dashboards give leadership a real-time view of pipeline status, risks identified, resources required across the portfolio.
  • Checklists ensure comprehensive coverage of all risk factors, whether reviewing an investment, vendor, real estate asset, etc. There is less likelihood of missing important legal, operational, or technical considerations.
  • Version tracking of diligenced files creates an audit trail that supports well-informed decision-making over time as situations may evolve.
  • Role-based access automates customized views of data relevant to each stakeholder’s needs – from high-level deal teams to analysts reviewing specific due diligence reports.
  • Ability to benchmark new potential partners or investments against your defined risk appetite. Data and analytics reveal which pursuits are the closest strategic fit over time.
  • Performance monitoring identifies process inefficiencies for continuous improvement. Possibly reallocating resources where they can have the greatest impact.


Hard data supports well-informed decisions aligned with your risk appetite. Surprises are a thing of the past. So ditch doubtful diligence. With preparation and process streamlining, returns come quicker than ever.

Take the Phundex Due Diligence Pathway for a test drive. Our templates and workflows are tailored for financial vetting needs. We even provide version control and audit history out of the box. Don’t leave outcomes to chance. Use Phundex to standardize diligence with a systematic process built to deliver wins.

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