Finance Month-End Close Process on Phundex.

At Phundex we have set up strong finance processes based on our accumulated experience and  we know that these are key to any organization’s success.

Here we discuss a bit more about how using the Phundex Pathway Template can streamline the process for you.  For a more detailed look at the Phundex Month-End Financial Processes Pathway Template, please join the Phundex Group on LinkedIn – we will be sharing details there on each of our Pathway Templates over the coming weeks.  

Finance Month End Close Process – How We Can Help 

Timely and accurate financial information is a critical element to support informed strategic decisions by your management team.  Accurate monthly financial statements are therefore one of the most important strategic tools required by most organizations.

At Phundex, we know that strong finance processes are key to any organization’s success.  The finance month-end close process must be done both properly, to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your financial statements, and rapidly. It’s neither glamorous nor particularly enjoyable for many, but month-end close is essential to the health and happiness of not just your accounting department, but your entire organization.

We are also clear that the ability of people to collaborate effectively across the organization is a critical element in the success of most corporate initiatives, including the finance month end close.

Our management team have spent a lot of time working in multi-national financial institutions, managing finance processes of all kinds.  Members of our team have also led finance processes in smaller, non-regulated businesses.  As a result, we have broad financial knowledge and have all interacted in some way with the month-end close process.  So, we have seen how the process can go well or not so well.

Some of the key elements to support a strong month-end close processes include strong communications, active collaboration, documented processes and planning.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage your month-end process in a way that would help ensure both accuracy and timeliness?  You can – thanks to

We’ve created a Finance Month End Close pathway to help get you started.  It includes Stages and Tasks to set out the overall process, including a checklist of items to include in your month-end close process.  Best of all, it is fully configurable, so you can tailor it to your exact needs.

Now when thinking about your finance month-end close, you’ll have confidence in the robust process control supported by the Phundex platform.

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You may also be interested in our Chief Financial Officer’s The Month-End Close Process white paper 

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