Phundex releases new enhancements – April 2022

St Helier (April 21, 2022) – Phundex Limited and Phundex UK Ltd

Phundex today announced its latest release of Platform and Pathway enhancements.  This is the second release in 2022, in line with the product roadmap of regular enhancements planned throughout 2022.  Since building its beta platform in 2020, Phundex has focused on client-driven design and functionality.

Client feedback on data and user permissions on the beta platform led us to create our new workflow collaboration platform during the summer of 2021.  Regular review and feedback from clients during the design and development stages ensured that Phundex meets client requirements to streamline and simplify their transaction and process management across the investment lifecycle.

“This 2nd release in 2022 is a great milestone for Phundex,” said Heather-Anne Hubbell, CEO of Phundex. “We are very pleased to be offering enhancements that our clients have requested, in line with our commitment to being a client-designed platform.

Based on years of experience, Phundex simplifies financial administration and transaction management by streamlining processes, to a centralized location, dramatically reducing time, complexity and costs through better connectivity and collaboration.

Phundex has been designed by people with years of experience in the business of finance. They know the needs and importantly the pain points of financial dealings. 



Platform enhancements in this release include:

  • Individual Stages and entire Pathways can now be archived.  Search by Active or Archived Stages and Pathways, and re-activate archived Tasks, Stages and Pathways with a simple toggle.
  • Archiving of individual documents and data forms.  Never deleted, with a full audit history, but now you can archive individual documents and data forms and replace them with newer versions
  • Data forms, whether Phundex Pathway examples or bespoke client created data forms, can now be amended without the need to create from scratch, making changing requirements simpler to manage.
  • Coupled with last month’s task duplication functionality, clients can now easily duplicate tasks and reuse or amend data forms to collect the information they need to manage transactions across the investment lifecycles.
  • Dependencies – we’ve also implemented the first stage of capability for creating dependencies between tasks. More automation in the dependency creation and workflow will be available in the May release


Phundex provides a suite of Pathway Templates for coordinating transaction management and due diligence across all clients and stakeholders.  We’ve leveraged our digital transformation experience to provide best practice Pathways for the most common types of transactions and processes.

Phundex supports users from origination, through administration for the entire investment cycle, 24/7. Whether you are a family office, fund manager, administrator or innovation hub, Phundex has a Pathway starting point that is right for you.

With this release, we’ve added three new Transaction Pathways:

  • Asset Funding Application to Completion
  • Commercial Funding Application to Completion
  • Property Development Funding Application to Completion

“Phundex is the platform for faster, more efficient financial management, getting you to market sooner”.

“End-to-end financial transactions and processes can be extremely labour intensive,” observes Phundex founder Heather-Anne Hubbell, a former lawyer and banker who has worked extensively in the banking and finance industry. “Phundex offers stress-free Pathways eradicating the chaos and the clutter”.

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