Phundex- Our Story Part 2

As part of our journey, we helped clients transform they way they do business. So we decided to use that experience to make Phundex even more useful for you. Here we explain about Phundex Pathways and how they can save you time and money.

Phundex – Our Story – Part 2
When we designed Phundex, we wanted it to be completely flexible so that you could tailor it precisely to your activities. But the real benefit of Phundex is creating streamlined, repeatable processes and transactions that leverage prior experience to make your work more efficient. Wouldn’t it be great to figure out an efficient way to complete a transaction and then ensure that everyone in the organisation did it the same way to save time and money?
Pathways are the Phundex description for processes and transactions.

A Pathway consists of a series of Stages and Tasks, where Stages are the various steps to complete the Pathway. These can be concurrent or sequential steps – and you can be working on Tasks in several Stages simultaneously if you like. So, where do you start? Enter Phundex Pathway Templates.
Why Pathway Templates? While testing Phundex with our target client base, we realised that some users might find the blank canvas a bit daunting. So, we created the Phundex Pathway Template Suite to give a ready-made menu of options for processes and transactions that you might want to do. We’ll look at industry best practices to continue developing and adding to our Phundex Pathway Template Suite. These will be all available to you to help you transform how you do business.

The Phundex Pathway Template Suite has numerous transactions and process
types for you to use as a starting point. You can look at details of each of the
Pathway Templates in our Helpdesk and then choose the one that is closest to what you want to do.
How did we come up with the Pathway Templates? We leveraged our experience transforming organisations to make them more efficient. We set out a series of Stages and Tasks for each process and transaction type to create an efficient, replicable approach to get you started quickly. But if you don’t like how we described something or some of the Stages and Tasks we’ve included, you can change the names, the details, and even whether to include the Task or not.

Our current list of Phundex Pathway Templates is available here

If you don’t see one you’d like, drop us a note and let us know what you want.
We are constantly working on new Pathway Templates and are happy to prioritise the new ones you would like to see.
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