Phundex User Guide-Administrators

At Phundex, we know it’s important for you to understand what you can do on Phundex.  This user guide sets out the various functions that an administrator (Admin) can do on our platform

Administrators manage your subscription plan.  They also manage the network of internal and external users who are permitted to access your pathways (transactions and processes) by inviting them to the platform. They are also able to activate and deactivate  account access so if you no longer need someone to have access to the platform, they can deactivate until further notice.

Helpfully, Administrators are also able to do all of the things that Managers are – they can set up pathways, add Stages and Tasks, and add Team Members to various pathways.

There are also specific user guides for each of the roles noted above here on the website. And best of all. they are also available on the Phundex Helpdesk, and you can download them to your computer if you prefer for future reference.

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