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Are you drowning in a sea of emails, making it challenging to stay focused on what truly matters? Enter Phundex – your game-changer in reclaiming control over your notifications and unleashing productivity!

Picture this: effortlessly manage your processes and transactions, craft personalized Pathways, assign tasks seamlessly, and effortlessly track progress. Phundex ensures your inbox isn’t cluttered with unnecessary distractions, letting you channel your energy where it counts.

Now, here’s the kicker for Managers – we get it. You don’t want to drown in a flood of notifications. That’s why, unlike default setups, we’ve left the power in your hands. No more one-size-fits-all disruptions. Your preferences, your way.

Launching in 2024, Phundex introduces a groundbreaking feature – customizable notification preferences! Brace yourself for the freedom to choose between in-app alerts or classic email notifications. The cherry on top? Tailor when, what, and how often you receive them.

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