Jersey Private Fund-Set Up

Setting up a Jersey Private Fund?  We’ve been working with a client who wanted a structured process to set up and coordinate the various parties for a new, regulated, Jersey Private Fund.  We went through the various legal, regulatory, and administrative steps to set up a checklist for them.  Then we structured a streamlined process that could be replicated for future use.

We thought the high-level checklist of requirements for a Jersey Private Fund would be a good place for many clients to start working through what steps are required to set up a new private fund.  Phundex provides a central hub to manage the process and gather and share documents, making it more streamlined for all parties.

We’ve included our checklist in the attached document.  We are also in the process of publishing a new Jersey Private Fund Pathway Template to make it quicker for you to structure and assign work to set up your Jersey Private Fund.

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