Managing NDA’s with Phundex

Do you seem to spend hours dealing with NDAs?  Creating them, getting them signed, storing them in your files and then trying to remember where they are stored can be time-consuming.

At Phundex, we’ve solved that problem.  We’ve adopted OneNDA, a streamlined Mutual NDA designed and approved by legal firms in the UK, the US and Australia.  We’ve also created a OneNDA Pathway, which you can use to set up your NDA files to manage the process more efficiently.  We’ve even created a video to show you how easy it is to set up an NDA template folder, manage the completion and signature process, and have the signed documents available in a single NDA data room or copy to include with particular transaction data rooms.

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Watch our YouTube video to help you manage and organise your NDA folder Pathways — How to set up and manage an NDA folder

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