Phundex Updates Pathway Templates – November 2023

Phundex Updates Pathway Templates November 2023 – our recent update includes updated and new Pathway Templates

We have added new Pathways you can leverage for business operations and transactions.  For each new Pathway, we have created an FAQ article explaining how or when to use the Pathway, screenshots of what the various Stages and Tasks look like, a document showing all of the Stages and Task content, and, in some cases, short videos to explain the functionality.  We’ve also added links in the Pathway Document List to take you directly to the relevant Pathway articles so you can easily find the relevant information about each Pathway.  This information is also available for all existing Pathways. 

The new and updated Pathways include: 

  • Jersey Private Fund Set-Up 
  • Updated oneNDA Pathway providing several templates to choose from together with additional information to make it easier to use. 
  • Client Onboarding Process 
  • OneDPA – a data processing agreement created by the team behind oneNDA which will include detailed instructions on how to complete the documents.

 Pathways we are currently working on include: 

  • Commercial Real Estate Acquisition 
  • Due Diligence  

The updated Pathway Template list is available for download by clicking the download button.

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