Phundex Pathway Templates Update – July 2022

At Phundex, we want to help our customers streamline processes and transactions. We also want you to benefit from our experience helping other clients. We’ve developed a series of Pathway Templates to give you a starting point. You can configure them any way you like. You can then save those as your bespoke Pathway Templates.

We’ve put together a list of the current (and some coming soon) Pathway Templates to give you a starting point. We update these regularly, so check back regularly to see what we’ve added recently. We publish our Phundex Pathway Template Update each month in line with our roadmap of enhancements.

You might also want to see our latest Press Release which sets out in more detail the latest Phundex Platform and Pathway enhancements:

The updated list can be find here on our website, on the Phundex Platform HelpDesk, and on the Phundex Group on LinkedIn.

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