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You asked, we delivered!

We’ve been working with clients, expanding our Phundex Pathway Template Suite, and making client requested enhancements to the Platform.

We’ve also updated our introduction to Phundex, including more information about the features and benefits of Phundex and explaining how customers are using Phundex to reduce cost and operational risk, increase efficiency, and close transactions faster.

Today we’re delighted to announce that we’ve added new monthly plans by popular request.  We’ve also added free trial periods for monthly and annual plans.  Visit our website  Phundex sign up and click on the Sign Up button to create an account, select your plan and start your free trial.

You can find more articles on our website, at Phundex Knowledge Hub, on LinkedIn at Phundex LinkedIn, or for other questions, please email us at: 

To book a demo or do a trial, you can either use the link on our website or email, and they will be happy to set it up for you. 

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